Who wants to be a MERMAID for halloween?! There are so many exciting things about this post for me!

1. I just love Halloween makeup, you get to throw all the “rules” out the window and let your creativity take you where it will. Can you tell I had fun?!

2. I got a NEW phone, first time in like….12 years. The camera on this thing is BONKERS!! I can FINALLY get good close up pics!

3. There are some FUN colors in this look that I don’t get to wear often, so getting to play with them was awesome!! This look is 99% LipSense and ShadowSense, The only other product I’m wearing is MakeSense Foundation in Almond, and some cheap lashes.

Ok without further ado, on to all the fabulous colors in this look! I’ll start with the eyes…

This ShadowSense trio is mermaid perfection! Such gorgeous colors.  I started with turquoise as a transition and put it on my inner and outer corner and blended into and up above the crease. Then I blended Seafoam Shimmer onto the center of my lid for that lovely highlight. Lapis Glitter is the dark blue contour on the outer corner and blended into the crease. Next I mixed Seafoam with some Silver shimmer and blended it up almost to my brows, then highlighted under the brow bone with just the silver alone. It created a pretty ombre look!  I mixed Palm Glitter with Silver Shimmer for the color under my lower lashes. For a finishing touch I put some Silver Shimmer right next to my tear ducts. Then I lined the whole look with onyx like I normally do.    

My scaly contour was created using the netting my oranges were packed in, you can use fishnet stockings as well. I used a flat face brush to apply and gently overlap the ShadowSense colors, from the bottom up: Denim (pictured below) Palm Glitter, Seafoam Shimmer, Silver Shimmer.

I used the same blend and overlap method for the forehead scales. ShadowSense colors used, from the bottom up: Violet (from the rainbow collection!) Denim, Seafoam Shimmer, Silver Shimmer. I added a light layer of Silver Shimmer to all the scales.

Blush and highlight:  Yep, more ShadowSense. Violet for blush, Glacier Glitter for highlight.

On to lips! I lined my lips with T.E.A.M. Wicked LipSense, bringing the liner in a bit at the corners. I also did one layer of this color all over. I used two layers of Candy Apple Green LipSense to fill in, slightly overlapping the liner. I wanted a bit more depth so I mixed Midnight Muse and Cappuccino and added it to the center, but It didn’t really come through in the pics, I think it would have been fine without it.

Then I added some Opal Gloss and WOW what a dramatic effect!

This look was so much fun and I can’t wait to do some more Halloween looks for you! SeneGence is so great for facepaint/halloween makeup because it never smears or smudges and never feels heavy or itchy! It’s even great for kids! I’ll show you some fun looks on my kiddos. Get ready!!

Want to learn more about this magical makeup? Email me all your questions at lovelylipsbysheena@gmail.com

 Or you can join my Facebook group, Lovely Lips by Sheena https://www.facebook.com/groups/769096689919483/ for all kinds of tips, tricks, product info, giveaways and more!

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