I may be a bit of a Summer girl, but fall makeup is my FAVORITE, because what’s the best thing about fall? Those COLORS! I had so much fun playing with these colors, so let’s kick off this amazing season with some gorgeous looks! I’ll start with some fall vibes!

This is the “fall vibes” ShadowSense trio:

  • Transition- Copper Rose Shimmer. Apply color over inner two thirds of lid and blend into and above crease.
  • Highlight- Sandstone pearl shimmer. Apply just onto center of lid and blend slightly toward inner corner, close to the lashline.
  • Contour – Garnet. Apply to outer V (outer third of lid and crease) and blend slightly above crease.
  •  Gold EyeSense pencil liner (optional) really makes it POP!
  • Lips are 1 layer Glam Doll and 2 layers nutmeg. Holy wow. I’ll be wearing this combo A LOT.

Let’s kick it up a notch and do a Fall Smokey eye!

I love that this look is so gorgeous without being complicated or using 8 colors. Just a simple trio:

  • Transition – Pink Posey. Apply all over lid and blend above crease, Also apply under lower lash line and blend slightly.
  • Highlight – Copper Rose Shimmer. Place color in center of lid and blend toward inner corner.
  • Contour – Onyx. place on outer V and blend into and above crease
  • Brow highlight – Sandstone Pearl Shimmer (optional)
  • Lip Color – 1 layer precious topaz and 2 layers Rose all Day LipSense, with Glossy Gloss.

That Lip color though…

I love that you can create so many beautiful new shades of LipSense by mixing and layering just a few colors! I do this on an almost daily basis, with so many fun new possibilities, why use just one color?! This creation was especially stunning, so I gave it a name. Say hello to Spiced Apple! Fall perfection! I Used one layer of Crimson and 2 layers of Mirage, both of these colors are limited edition, but if they are unavailable there are enough similar colors that you could still recreate this gorgeous color. Try Fly Girl and Precious Topaz or Blu-Red and Dawn Rising. If layering doesn’t look quite right, you can mix and then apply!

There are more Fall looks coming, and Halloween looks too! Stay tuned!

Want to learn more about this magical makeup? Email me all your questions at lovelylipsbysheena@gmail.com Or you can join my Facebook group, Lovely Lips by Sheena https://www.facebook.com/groups/769096689919483/ for all kinds of tips, tricks, product info, giveaways and more!

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