International Talk Like a Pirate day is here ye salty wenches! It’s always on September 19th  and it will always have a special place in my heart because it also happens to be my husband’s birthday! So every year we fly the Jolly Roger, Don our best pirate garb and get up to some outrageous shenanigans! I’ve spent the last few years perfecting my pirate makeup, and of course discovering SeneGence was an absolute game changer.  Before I dive into this awesome look, I want to emphasize that there are SO many ways to do a killer pirate look, I’ll give you some more ideas at the end of this post!

Let’s start with the eyes shall we? AYE!!

For the dark red color, I mixed Bandana Shimmer and Onyx ShadowSense with Cherry BlushSense. (the new Red ShadowSense I think would work fine in place of the Cherry blush) I put that mix all over my lid and blended it up above the crease, and also put some under my lower lashline, on the outer two-thirds of my eye. Then I added a bit more Onyx to my outer V to give it more of a smokey look. Then yet more Onyx for liner. I Used Rustic Brown ShadowSense for my brows, and Sandstone Pearl Shimmer just underneath for some highlight.

Those lips though….

In years past I have done a bright red or wine colored lip, but LipSense is just perfect for an ombre because you can wear it all day without the colors blending together and ruining the effect. I mixed Crimson and Blackberry and applied it like a thick liner. Then I filled in the rest with Crimson, overlapping the liner slightly to create a smooth transition.

The rest of my Face is Advanced anti-aging MakeSense Foundation in Almond, with some pearlizer on my cheeks and nose for highlight.

So many options!

There are so many ways you can change this up and make it your own. You could do a basic smokey eye and red lip, or go dark with your lip color. A black and sparkly gold eye look would look amazing as well!  Even just some heavy smudged eyeliner would do the trick if you’re in a hurry (Onyx ShadowSense is perfect for this!)  You can also save time just doing makeup on one eye, and put a patch on the other! Just make sure you’re using SeneGence so your look lasts through all the pirate festivities! Farewell mateys! Share your pirate shenanigans in the comments!

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