I just love playing with makeup, and this color combo is simply stunning. In my Summer Looks post I showed you two looks with Seafoam Shimmer, and promised you more. Well here it is! I call it Poolside!

Be. Still. My. Heart. Seafoam Shimmer makes such a GORGEOUS highlight. I also added a little under my eyes. It’s a limited edition shade, but still in stock for now! (as of 8-20-19)

Here are the other colors I used to complete this look.

Denim is my transition for this look. I have to pause here, because I never thought I’d say that. Using DARK BLUE as a transition shade terrified me because I thought I would always end up looking like that scary lady from the Drew Carey Show. Yikes. I’m so glad I faced my fear! Progress!!

This look could be a duo, but because I’m a bit extra, I added some Lapis Glitter on my outer V for a bit more pizzazz! Also a limited edition, but you can still snag it! Seriously SO pretty!

To complete the eye look I added a little Snow to the inner corners. As usual I also did my liner with Onyx, and used Sandstone Pearl Shimmer to highlight my brow bone.

On my lips I’m wearing Praline Rose LipSense with Sand Gloss, my brows are Rustic Brown ShadowSense. The rest of my face is Advanced Anti-Aging MakeSense Foundation in Almond, Toasted Rose BlushSense, And Pearlizer for highlight.

And Voila! The finished look. I love that there are so many ways you could tweak and personalize this look! You could put Onyx on the outer V for an amazing smokey eye, you could use Seafoam as the transition, with Denim as the contour and add Snow as your highlight, or even a glitter! So many glorious possibilities! What would you change to make this look perfect for you?

Want to learn more about this magical makeup? Email me all your questions at lovelylipsbysheena@gmail.com

Or you can join my Facebook group, Lovely Lips by Sheena https://www.facebook.com/groups/769096689919483/ for all kinds of tips, tricks, product info and more! Now is an especially good time to join! I’m doing a HUGE giveaway at the end of the month (8-31-19) with lots of fun ways to get entered! I’ll even give you a free entry just for joining! Have a lovely Tuesday everyone!

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