My Fav colors that pull double duty

ShadowSense is just incredible. I’ll tell you a secret: Of all the SeneGence cosmetics, ShadowSense is my FAVORITE. Why? It’s a cream formula that is gorgeously blendable, mixable *smudge proof* doesn’t crease, and lasts for DAYS. I love that it comes in single color tubes (that last forever) so that I only pay for the colors I actually WANT. Can I just say I hate palettes? For one, they’re powder, and holy FALLOUT Batman! You shouldn’t have to clean your cheeks after you do your eye makeup. Two, palettes give you a bunch of colors you probably don’t want or need, then you run out of your favorite color, and you have to buy the whole stupid thing again! Make sure you don’t drop your palette or it’s RUINED. ShadowSense leaves powder palettes in the dust where they belong!

Oh, and the best part? You can use ShadowSense for all the things!!  Below I’ll share my favorite colors that pull double or even triple duty. You can use these lovely shades for liner, blush, brows, concealer, highlight, and contour. Basically your whole face minus foundation and lips. Seriously.  

Onyx- This gorgeous black shadow can give you an awesome smokey eye, or you can use it as liner, like I do almost every day. It even works as mascara in a pinch. This color is great to use if you want to make another color darker, add a little or a lot to get that perfect shade!

Snow- Gorgeous highlight, also a great liner. Lining your waterline with white makes your eyes appear more open and awake. Try it on your tired eyes in the morning, you can thank me later. Just like Onyx makes colors darker, you can use Snow to lighten them up! Or mix Onyx and Snow in varying amounts to make any shade of gray you could want.

Garnet – A beautiful red-brown, makes a wonderful eye contour or a more natural appearing liner. Can be used for contouring on darker skin tones and filling brows as well.  

Rustic Brown- this is just the perfect brown. I used to mix garnet and onyx to get my perfect brow color, but now I can just use 1 color since Rustic Brown came on the scene! It of course makes a great contour for shadow, but darker skin tones can use it for face contouring as well. Also a great liner!

Candlelight – I use this as a base/primer whenever I do my eye makeup!  For those with a light complexion, this makes a great under eye concealer! This color is also a lovely matte and neutral highlight, for eyes or face.

Moca Java – lovely everyday shadow transition shade. Lighter skin tones can use this for face contour, or brows, or both. You decide.  

Mulberry – One of my favorite every day shadow transitions, also makes a gorgeous light blush.

Pink Posey – A slightly darker pink, lovely shadow and lovely blush!

Sandstone Pearl Shimmer – This color is a stunning highlight, on the eyes and face! It’s also great to mix with matte colors when you want them to have a little sparkle.

Smoked Topaz – I love to use this color for a nice daytime smokey eye, and it also works as a brow color!

Here is a pic of these Shadows doin’ their thang! I did almost my whole face with JUST ShadowSense. Eye trio with primer and liner, brows, blush, highlight & contour. ALL ShadowSense.

I’m absolutely obsessed with this stuff. Here’s some more pictures of this look, because why not?! Also my lip color for this look is one layer of Precious topaz, and two layers of Pink Champagne. Makes a lovely neutral with some pizzazz!

If you want to know more about this amazing MAGICAL eyeshadow, email me with any questions:

If you’d love to see more tips & tutorials or score a deal, check out my facebook group!

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