Gorgeous Colors!!!

I used the lovely Bandana Shimmer as my red transition, this color is SO much fun to play with! Snow is my highlight, but it’s also a great color to have around because you can mix it with any color to lighten it up, a little or a lot. I used Denim as my contour and as my liner, love that versatility! To complete this fun patriotic look, I added a little Silver Shimmer on the inner corners of my eyes.  Blu-red is a great red for the 4th!

Serious Staying Power!

Below is the progression of my 4th of July makeup from application to end of the day, 12 hours. I touched up my waterline on my LipSense ONCE at about 3:00, and I didn’t touch my eye makeup at all.

By 9pm it isn’t perfect, you can definitely see some wear. Considering I went swimming (and yes I went under the water!!) and went to 2 barbecues (so much eating!!) doing one small lip touch up and having my face look this good is NUTS. SeneGence isn’t messing around with their makeup. If you want makeup that won’t quit until you do, you found it. *mic drop*

If you want to know more about this amazing magical makeup, email me with any questions: lovelylipsbysheena@gmail.com

If you’d love to see more tips & tutorials or score a deal, check out my facebook group!


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