I absolutely love Summer. It’s my favorite season, I’m always whining about the weather, unless it’s Summer. I have a daughter named Summer. Do you get it yet?! Summer = LIFE. So I found every ShadowSense (the best eyeshadow, ever) trio that looked Summery and did all of them!!

Cali Bound

This was a super fun smokey eye that you could tone down for a daytime look, or really smoke it out for a night on the town! Moca Java Shimmer provides a nice neutral transition, Pink Opal Shimmer is a gorgeous highlight. you can pack it on for lots of pink sparkle, or keep it subtle (there are similar colors to the first two that are matte, if you hate all things glitter) and of course onyx for that beautiful smokey contour, make it as light or as dark as you like! you can add also add a wing like I did, or just have basic liner.

Summer Love

This look is light, fun, and flirty! Mulberry is a beautiful transition for a variety of looks, and it works perfectly here. Sandstone Pearl Shimmer is my fave highlight I use all. the. time. at least under my brow, if not part of my eye look. Silver violet is a beautiful color that can be quite subtle despite being purple. It’s our contour color here, but it also makes a lovely transition color. Hello Summer!!

Caribbean Sun

Such a fun playful look! Shell Glitter is our transition here, but as it was a limited edition and is no longer available, you could use pink opal shimmer, pink frost, or even mulberry in its place. Once again, Sandstone Pearl Shimmer makes an appearance as a gorgeous highlight. For our contour color we have the glorious Seafoam Shimmer, I am OBSESSED with this color, have used it as transition, contour and highlight and it is just a perfect color for summer! You’ll see it again here in just a bit! Bring on the sunshine, I’m ready!


This look is just HOT, like the name suggests! This look includes Lava Shimmer as the transition, but it was also a limited edition that is no longer available. I found that Copper Rose Shimmer was close enough that you could use that as your transition. I also used a smidge of that essential highlight, Sandstone Pearl Shimmer, to add some depth. Garnet makes a gorgeous contour here, and is also a great eyeliner! I used onyx here though, as I usually do (and in all the other looks on this post.)

Island Girl

Love love love this look!! It’s a fantastic daytime smokey eye, and I just love those tropical vibes! Pink Posey is a lovely transition in look, and many others! Again, that amazing highlight, Sandstone Pearl Shimmer. Fun Fact: you can also use it as your highlight on the rest of your face! You can also use Pink Posey for blush, because ShadowSense has versatility in SPADES. Anywho, onto our contour, smoked topaz! this color also comes in a gorgeous shimmer version, if you love the sparkle like me!


Here is your beach look!! No really, you could wear this to the beach, even in the water and it won’t go running down your face! ShadowSense is SUPER water resistant! This is very similar to the Caribbean Sun look, but with a brown transition (Moca Java Shimmer) instead of pink. Moca Java Shimmer also comes in a matte version, as does our glorious highlight, Sandstone Pearl Shimmer! I just adore the Seafoam Shimmer used here as contour. Follow me if you’d like to see more looks with Seafoam Shimmer! Or, if you’re the type that wants things now, you can check out my facebook group, there is one posted there today! Hope you enjoyed these looks, contact me at lovelylipsbysheena@gmail.com for more info on the products! May it be forever summer!!!


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