So, I did a thing. At my customer and good friend’s request, I did a Cosplay tutorial of an Overwatch character, Sombra! I am in love, and instantly hooked on cosplay makeup! I love the creativity and out of the box looks that often come with cosplay, and I seriously can’t wait to do more! I am hoping to do a series of tutorials in my facebook group of all kinds of cosplay looks, of course specifically with SeneGence products. Why SeneGence? Because it STAYS ON YOUR FACE!! No worrying about your lip color wiping off on your awesome costume, or your eyeliner smudging. You can count on it lasting ALL DAY with minimal, if ANY, touch ups.

Sombra sports a super purple smokey eye, with a double wing (be still my heart!) some awesome high arched brows with a break, a beauty mark under her left eye, and some gorgeous purple lips!
Check out that purple! This eye look is classic Sombra, but amazing if you just love purple!
Throw on some dollar store lashes and it’s done! Seriously though I need to get some better lashes.

Products! One thing that is great about Sombra’s look is it’s simplicity. I only used 5 products total for her eye look and brows. 6 counting mascara. I love that you can use ShadowSense for everything!

  • Brows
    • Onyx and Rustic Brown ShadowSense mixed (Just onyx would have worked as well)
    • Candlelight ShadowSense for concealer in brow break
  • Eyes
    • Candlelight ShadowSense for eyelid primer and concealer
    • EyeSense black liner pencil for blacking out lower half of eyelid
    • Onyx for smokey shadow AND liner
    • Deep Plum ShadowSense on lid and under lower lashes
    • VolumeIntense waterproof Mascara over false lashes
  • Lips
    • Violet Volt LipSense (2 layers)
    • Aussi Rose LipSense (1 layer) You could skip this color and just do the VV
    • Glossy Gloss
    • Sweet Pea Gloss (optional, just added a little extra purple and some shimmer)
  • Face
    • MakeSense Foundation, Advanced Anti Aging formula, shade is Almond
    • Toasted Rose BlushSense
    • MakeSense Pearlizer for highlight
    • Moca Java ShadowSense for Contour
    • Rustic Brown ShadowSense for beauty Mark

That’s it! I had way too much fun doing this look! Feel free to put any questions in the comments. Tell me which character I should do next! If you’d like to see the full tutorial, check out my facebook group Lovely Lips By Sheena!

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