SeneGence recently reformulated their mascara and it’s everything.
Since its release in October, LashSense VolumeIntense Mascara has become a fast favorite. They expected it to be popular, and it still sold out amazingly fast. Its volumizing, lengthening, and defining abilities deliver magnificent lashes with nourishing ingredients to keep them healthy.


Holy COW ladies, this mascara is unlike anything I’ve ever used. Even the waterproof formula leaves your lashes feeling SOFT and flexible, instead of, ya know, encased in concrete… The HUGE wand captures each individual lash, and gives it a nice even coat, and a day at the spa…(kidding) but seriously, the results are STUNNING. and THEN as if all that wasn’t enough, regular use of this stuff will GROW your lashes an average of 46% LONGER, in one month. Wha…? If mascara is your go to essential beauty product, you NEED this!!

Do you love waterproof mascara? Hate it? I’ve got you covered either way! This phenomenal mascara comes in waterproof and regular, and in black as well as dark brown.

For the smoothest and best results use these tips!

 Remove the wand from the tube slowly. Removing with a quick pull prevents excess product from being wiped away.
 Do not pump the mascara wand. It pumps air into the tube, and can cause your mascara to dry out quickly.
 Wipe off excess product back into the neck of the tube. This will help you apply thinner layers, and get a clump-free application!
Following these steps will ensure that your lashes will be
lengthened and volumized to perfection!

If you need a new favorite mascara in your life, look no further! I adore this product and I know you will too! just incase you don’t, in comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, like all SeneGence products.

You can of course contact me with questions and to place an order, or you can always order directly from my website

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