Happy SPRING lovelies! I have always loved spring but now I love it even more, because this is the time of year that Senegence releases NEW products!!  Holy wow they outdid themselves! So many great things! We’ll get to all of them in a sec.

First things first, I am SO excited to announce that I have a new website!! Senegence recently revamped their distributor sites, and they are gorgeous! Go see for yourself! You can check out allll the wonderful products, and purchase directly from the site! Just go to http://www.senegence.com/LovelyLipsbySheena

If you’re a girl who likes a bargain (who isn’t?!) Join my facebook group (Lovely Lips by Sheena) for exclusive deals, discounts, and GIVEAWAYS. I do one LipSense color and one product of the month that are discounted for the whole month! The color of the month for May is Aussi Rose! It’s a lovely pink shimmer that’s perfect for spring and Summer! The product of the month is the bronzing coconut milk. Summer is right around the corner, and you can have a gorgeous glow without the hassle! This stuff puts other tanners to shame, and I just can’t get enough!! It looks natural, it’s super easy, it has skin nourishing ingredients, and it smells AMAZING. If you’re in my group, you can get it at a discount! I also do lots of other sales, and giveaways, so go check it out!!


And…without further ado, here are the awesome new products!

Fooops makeup removing wipes! If you could care for your skin as you were taking off your makeup, would you? of course you would!! These babies are dripping with skin renewing SenePlex, as well as remover, so you can have the best of both worlds!


LipSmooth conditioning polish! LOVE this stuff. For an exfoliator, it isn’t as gritty as you would think, and it gently removes the dead skin revealing smooth oh-so-soft lips.


Hydrating Facial Serum Mist! If you have dry skin, you normally moisturize in the morning and the evening, but what if your skin feels dry in between?! Say hello to your new best friend!! you can spritz this light-weight, gorgeous smelling mist throughout the day, right on top of your makeup! Hello refreshing hydration!


Brightening multi-Vitamin Treatment! If you have dark spots, dullness, or scarring this stuff will minimize it while brightening your overall complexion, and nurturing your skin!


SeneGence has also released some FUN new limited editions! if you are into a bright or bold pop of lip color, you’ll LOVE the PRISM collection!


PRISM GLOSS!! Oh. My. Goodness. I can’t even put into words how gorgeous this gloss is. It transforms any color into a rainbow of sparkle!! If you are a lover of all that glitters, this gloss is a MUST HAVE.


The Bouquet of Glosses! This Collection features not one but THREE brand new, limited edition glosses, Sweet Pea, Golden Iris, and Blue Orchid!! It also includes 3 of our regular line glosses. You get SIX lovely flower glosses that you can keep for yourself, or gift to your mom, sister or friend! These limited editions are ONLY available in the Bouquet Collection! it also comes with a lovely makeup bag!


I am SO excited about all these new products!! You can check them all out as well as all the other awesome stuff at my new Website! Thanks so much for reading!!

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