Two words: Violet. Volt. This LipSense color is amazing and it had been discontinued for a while, but so many people were asking for it that SeneGence brought it back, and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve always been a big fan of purple and I LOVE this color!

Collage violet volt

While I do love it solo in all it’s bright purple glory, one of the most amazing things about LipSense is the ability to layer different colors right? I have been layering Violet Volt with lots of other colors and I. can’t. stop. Whether I combine it with other bright colors like Kiss for a Cause, dark colors like Cocoa, or neutrals like Bella or beige champagne, I get gorgeous results! Seriously obsessed! which color should I layer next? I’ll do your suggestions and put the results in my next post!


I even used it to create some fun lip art! Check out my galaxy look, I had so much fun with this look, and I absolutely love that playing with makeup is my job. best job ever! I’m thinking I should try some lip art for Valentines Day! I can’t wait!

The colors on my lips here are blackberry, Team wicked, Violet Volt, purple reign, Snow ShadowSense, and Icicle. My eyes were done with Amethyst, Onyx, Silver Shimmer, and Sandstone Pearl shimmer ShadowSense.  So much fun!

If you love makeup and want to get in on these awesome products, let me know! Want to earn an income playing with makeup? contact me for details!

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