Hey lovelies, I’m back!

It’s definitely been a while since my last post, I took on a huge project, and it’s certainly been keeping me busy! I am so crazy excited about all the amazing SeneGence products that I wanted to share them with as many people as possible! So I opened a kiosk at Flatiron crossing mall, in Broomfield Colorado, if you live in that area you can come check it out! You can try out LipSense colors, ShadowSense and more! Open through January 2018.

There is also some exciting news from SeneGence! Earlier this year SeneGence had over 70 LipSense shades available, but they were experiencing so much growth that they couldn’t make product fast enough for all the distributors to sell! So to help keep up with demand they cut back the number of LipSense shades to 36. After opening two new facilities over the Summer, they are keeping colors in stock, and bringing some of the original shades back, as well as previously limited edition colors! There are now 50 shades available! Blackberry, Sazzy Z, violet volt, Fire opal, heartbreaker and B. Ruby are some of the returning colors. Beautiful!


They also brought back some of the limited edition DIAMOND colors originally released in February. These colors have genuine crushed diamonds in them, and they are so gorgeous! There is also a diamond kiss gloss! These are a great way to wear diamonds without breaking the bank! The colors are $30, and the Diamond kiss gloss is $22


that’s all for now ladies, let me know if you need some diamonds in your life! Also stay tuned for some more tips, tricks and tutorials!




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