So, I totally forgot to post this yesterday, but it’s ok, I think tips are still good on Wednesdays 😉

If you’re like most people your LipSense will stay on all day, then when you reach the end of the wear time it starts to flake. But a lot of it is still on there, and even then it won’t smear or wipe off. So how do you get it off?!

With Ooops remover! This stuff will take off your lipsense without any scrubbing, it has botanicals to condition your lips, and it smells great! It’s also great to have for any mistakes, or if you want to change your color from day wear to evening out. A Starter Collection comes with a tube of Ooops!

You can also take LipSense off with Fooops makeup remover. If you regularly wear a full face of makeup, I recommend going with Fooops, then you can take off everything including your lipsense in one easy step.

Do you really need remover???

Most people do, yes. There are a few out there whose body PH breaks LipSense faster than the average, and they can usually remove it with coconut oil. I am not one of those people. I once tried to remove my color with a makeup remover wipe, and ended up scrubbing my lips raw, and still had some color on. It wasn’t pretty.

Once Lipsense has reached the end of its wear time (4 -18 hours depending on body PH, and other factors) it will start flaking off, and doesn’t always do so evenly. So, unless you want to walk around with flakey, patchy color, you’re going to need some remover. Check out this removal demo! 👇

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