You’ve probably seen a video or two floating around Facebook of ladies doing everything from rubbing their lips to kissing panes of glass to show the staying power of LipSense, or perhaps someone you know is raving about this amazing lip color. Now you’re curious, what is it, and how does it work?

Lipsense is a revolutionary, long lasting liquid lip color that is everything proof. It doesn’t smear, smudge, or transfer onto cups, clothing, or skin. I also feel the need to clarify that it is not a stain. When you use the special Ooops remover (yes, there are 3 o’s) the color is totally gone.

There are a few things that make LipSense different (and better) than every other lip color.  The first is in the color itself, its called alcohol denat, or denatured alcohol. Once this stuff dries, LipSense is bonded to your lips on a molecular level. It also causes the color to be thin enough to be applied in three layers. Not only does the multi-layered feature help the color last all day, but it allows you to layer multiple colors, to create a custom shade.

The second thing that is beautifully, wonderfully different from other lip colors is the gloss. It goes on over the color to seal it and protect it from your food, your saliva, and anything else that may break it down. The best part? the gloss is packed with things like Shea butter and vitamin E to hydrate and nourish your lips! It goes on silky smooth and feels amazing.

Lastly, Lipsense is wax free, and it allows your lips to exfoliate naturally, keepng your lips happy and healthy!

Keep checking back to see beauty tips, demos, tutorials, and info about other SeneGence products!

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