Super fun eye look for Tip Tuesday!

I just love playing with makeup, and this color combo is simply stunning. In my Summer Looks post I showed you two looks with Seafoam Shimmer, and promised you more. Well here it is! I call it Poolside!

Be. Still. My. Heart. Seafoam Shimmer makes such a GORGEOUS highlight. I also added a little under my eyes. It’s a limited edition shade, but still in stock for now! (as of 8-20-19)

Here are the other colors I used to complete this look.

Denim is my transition for this look. I have to pause here, because I never thought I’d say that. Using DARK BLUE as a transition shade terrified me because I thought I would always end up looking like that scary lady from the Drew Carey Show. Yikes. I’m so glad I faced my fear! Progress!!

This look could be a duo, but because I’m a bit extra, I added some Lapis Glitter on my outer V for a bit more pizzazz! Also a limited edition, but you can still snag it! Seriously SO pretty!

To complete the eye look I added a little Snow to the inner corners. As usual I also did my liner with Onyx, and used Sandstone Pearl Shimmer to highlight my brow bone.

On my lips I’m wearing Praline Rose LipSense with Sand Gloss, my brows are Rustic Brown ShadowSense. The rest of my face is Advanced Anti-Aging MakeSense Foundation in Almond, Toasted Rose BlushSense, And Pearlizer for highlight.

And Voila! The finished look. I love that there are so many ways you could tweak and personalize this look! You could put Onyx on the outer V for an amazing smokey eye, you could use Seafoam as the transition, with Denim as the contour and add Snow as your highlight, or even a glitter! So many glorious possibilities! What would you change to make this look perfect for you?

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ShadowSense…for all the things!

My Fav colors that pull double duty

ShadowSense is just incredible. I’ll tell you a secret: Of all the SeneGence cosmetics, ShadowSense is my FAVORITE. Why? It’s a cream formula that is gorgeously blendable, mixable *smudge proof* doesn’t crease, and lasts for DAYS. I love that it comes in single color tubes (that last forever) so that I only pay for the colors I actually WANT. Can I just say I hate palettes? For one, they’re powder, and holy FALLOUT Batman! You shouldn’t have to clean your cheeks after you do your eye makeup. Two, palettes give you a bunch of colors you probably don’t want or need, then you run out of your favorite color, and you have to buy the whole stupid thing again! Make sure you don’t drop your palette or it’s RUINED. ShadowSense leaves powder palettes in the dust where they belong!

Oh, and the best part? You can use ShadowSense for all the things!!  Below I’ll share my favorite colors that pull double or even triple duty. You can use these lovely shades for liner, blush, brows, concealer, highlight, and contour. Basically your whole face minus foundation and lips. Seriously.  

Onyx- This gorgeous black shadow can give you an awesome smokey eye, or you can use it as liner, like I do almost every day. It even works as mascara in a pinch. This color is great to use if you want to make another color darker, add a little or a lot to get that perfect shade!

Snow- Gorgeous highlight, also a great liner. Lining your waterline with white makes your eyes appear more open and awake. Try it on your tired eyes in the morning, you can thank me later. Just like Onyx makes colors darker, you can use Snow to lighten them up! Or mix Onyx and Snow in varying amounts to make any shade of gray you could want.

Garnet – A beautiful red-brown, makes a wonderful eye contour or a more natural appearing liner. Can be used for contouring on darker skin tones and filling brows as well.  

Rustic Brown- this is just the perfect brown. I used to mix garnet and onyx to get my perfect brow color, but now I can just use 1 color since Rustic Brown came on the scene! It of course makes a great contour for shadow, but darker skin tones can use it for face contouring as well. Also a great liner!

Candlelight – I use this as a base/primer whenever I do my eye makeup!  For those with a light complexion, this makes a great under eye concealer! This color is also a lovely matte and neutral highlight, for eyes or face.

Moca Java – lovely everyday shadow transition shade. Lighter skin tones can use this for face contour, or brows, or both. You decide.  

Mulberry – One of my favorite every day shadow transitions, also makes a gorgeous light blush.

Pink Posey – A slightly darker pink, lovely shadow and lovely blush!

Sandstone Pearl Shimmer – This color is a stunning highlight, on the eyes and face! It’s also great to mix with matte colors when you want them to have a little sparkle.

Smoked Topaz – I love to use this color for a nice daytime smokey eye, and it also works as a brow color!

Here is a pic of these Shadows doin’ their thang! I did almost my whole face with JUST ShadowSense. Eye trio with primer and liner, brows, blush, highlight & contour. ALL ShadowSense.

I’m absolutely obsessed with this stuff. Here’s some more pictures of this look, because why not?! Also my lip color for this look is one layer of Precious topaz, and two layers of Pink Champagne. Makes a lovely neutral with some pizzazz!

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My 4th of July look

Gorgeous Colors!!!

I used the lovely Bandana Shimmer as my red transition, this color is SO much fun to play with! Snow is my highlight, but it’s also a great color to have around because you can mix it with any color to lighten it up, a little or a lot. I used Denim as my contour and as my liner, love that versatility! To complete this fun patriotic look, I added a little Silver Shimmer on the inner corners of my eyes.  Blu-red is a great red for the 4th!

Serious Staying Power!

Below is the progression of my 4th of July makeup from application to end of the day, 12 hours. I touched up my waterline on my LipSense ONCE at about 3:00, and I didn’t touch my eye makeup at all.

By 9pm it isn’t perfect, you can definitely see some wear. Considering I went swimming (and yes I went under the water!!) and went to 2 barbecues (so much eating!!) doing one small lip touch up and having my face look this good is NUTS. SeneGence isn’t messing around with their makeup. If you want makeup that won’t quit until you do, you found it. *mic drop*

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ALLLL the Summer looks!

I absolutely love Summer. It’s my favorite season, I’m always whining about the weather, unless it’s Summer. I have a daughter named Summer. Do you get it yet?! Summer = LIFE. So I found every ShadowSense (the best eyeshadow, ever) trio that looked Summery and did all of them!!

Cali Bound

This was a super fun smokey eye that you could tone down for a daytime look, or really smoke it out for a night on the town! Moca Java Shimmer provides a nice neutral transition, Pink Opal Shimmer is a gorgeous highlight. you can pack it on for lots of pink sparkle, or keep it subtle (there are similar colors to the first two that are matte, if you hate all things glitter) and of course onyx for that beautiful smokey contour, make it as light or as dark as you like! you can add also add a wing like I did, or just have basic liner.

Summer Love

This look is light, fun, and flirty! Mulberry is a beautiful transition for a variety of looks, and it works perfectly here. Sandstone Pearl Shimmer is my fave highlight I use all. the. time. at least under my brow, if not part of my eye look. Silver violet is a beautiful color that can be quite subtle despite being purple. It’s our contour color here, but it also makes a lovely transition color. Hello Summer!!

Caribbean Sun

Such a fun playful look! Shell Glitter is our transition here, but as it was a limited edition and is no longer available, you could use pink opal shimmer, pink frost, or even mulberry in its place. Once again, Sandstone Pearl Shimmer makes an appearance as a gorgeous highlight. For our contour color we have the glorious Seafoam Shimmer, I am OBSESSED with this color, have used it as transition, contour and highlight and it is just a perfect color for summer! You’ll see it again here in just a bit! Bring on the sunshine, I’m ready!


This look is just HOT, like the name suggests! This look includes Lava Shimmer as the transition, but it was also a limited edition that is no longer available. I found that Copper Rose Shimmer was close enough that you could use that as your transition. I also used a smidge of that essential highlight, Sandstone Pearl Shimmer, to add some depth. Garnet makes a gorgeous contour here, and is also a great eyeliner! I used onyx here though, as I usually do (and in all the other looks on this post.)

Island Girl

Love love love this look!! It’s a fantastic daytime smokey eye, and I just love those tropical vibes! Pink Posey is a lovely transition in look, and many others! Again, that amazing highlight, Sandstone Pearl Shimmer. Fun Fact: you can also use it as your highlight on the rest of your face! You can also use Pink Posey for blush, because ShadowSense has versatility in SPADES. Anywho, onto our contour, smoked topaz! this color also comes in a gorgeous shimmer version, if you love the sparkle like me!


Here is your beach look!! No really, you could wear this to the beach, even in the water and it won’t go running down your face! ShadowSense is SUPER water resistant! This is very similar to the Caribbean Sun look, but with a brown transition (Moca Java Shimmer) instead of pink. Moca Java Shimmer also comes in a matte version, as does our glorious highlight, Sandstone Pearl Shimmer! I just adore the Seafoam Shimmer used here as contour. Follow me if you’d like to see more looks with Seafoam Shimmer! Or, if you’re the type that wants things now, you can check out my facebook group, there is one posted there today! Hope you enjoyed these looks, contact me at for more info on the products! May it be forever summer!!!

Cosplay here I come!!

So, I did a thing. At my customer and good friend’s request, I did a Cosplay tutorial of an Overwatch character, Sombra! I am in love, and instantly hooked on cosplay makeup! I love the creativity and out of the box looks that often come with cosplay, and I seriously can’t wait to do more! I am hoping to do a series of tutorials in my facebook group of all kinds of cosplay looks, of course specifically with SeneGence products. Why SeneGence? Because it STAYS ON YOUR FACE!! No worrying about your lip color wiping off on your awesome costume, or your eyeliner smudging. You can count on it lasting ALL DAY with minimal, if ANY, touch ups.

Sombra sports a super purple smokey eye, with a double wing (be still my heart!) some awesome high arched brows with a break, a beauty mark under her left eye, and some gorgeous purple lips!
Check out that purple! This eye look is classic Sombra, but amazing if you just love purple!
Throw on some dollar store lashes and it’s done! Seriously though I need to get some better lashes.

Products! One thing that is great about Sombra’s look is it’s simplicity. I only used 5 products total for her eye look and brows. 6 counting mascara. I love that you can use ShadowSense for everything!

  • Brows
    • Onyx and Rustic Brown ShadowSense mixed (Just onyx would have worked as well)
    • Candlelight ShadowSense for concealer in brow break
  • Eyes
    • Candlelight ShadowSense for eyelid primer and concealer
    • EyeSense black liner pencil for blacking out lower half of eyelid
    • Onyx for smokey shadow AND liner
    • Deep Plum ShadowSense on lid and under lower lashes
    • VolumeIntense waterproof Mascara over false lashes
  • Lips
    • Violet Volt LipSense (2 layers)
    • Aussi Rose LipSense (1 layer) You could skip this color and just do the VV
    • Glossy Gloss
    • Sweet Pea Gloss (optional, just added a little extra purple and some shimmer)
  • Face
    • MakeSense Foundation, Advanced Anti Aging formula, shade is Almond
    • Toasted Rose BlushSense
    • MakeSense Pearlizer for highlight
    • Moca Java ShadowSense for Contour
    • Rustic Brown ShadowSense for beauty Mark

That’s it! I had way too much fun doing this look! Feel free to put any questions in the comments. Tell me which character I should do next! If you’d like to see the full tutorial, check out my facebook group Lovely Lips By Sheena!

My Birthday Look!

My Birthday was earlier this month, and so I wanted to do a fun look with my favorite makeup color PURPLE! (my actual favorite color is neon green, but it isn’t my color, if you get me. ) It was a snowy day here in colorado so I hung out at home looking fabulous!

This look was of course done with all SeneGence products! Because, well I’m completely obsessed with all the things they make, the quality is just amazing. SO without further ado, here’s my birthday look!

All made up and nowhere to go!

I’m still learning to do makeup for pictures, (and will probably be fiddling with my lighting until the end of time) this look is much more bold and purple in person! So here are all the products I used:

The ShadowSense shades I used on my eyes:
Candlelight: everywhere. Seriously. For a light skin tone, candlelight = primer and concealer.
Candied Cocoa Shimmer: One of my FAVORITE limited editions that they better make permanent or I’ll cry. Used this gorgeous color as transition from my lid up to a little bit under my brow. Rose Gold Glitter: This shade is just amazing if you love all that glitters, AND is gold! I used this as highlight from the center of my lid going in towards the corner. Sandstone pearl Shimmer: highlight #2, because I guess I’m just extra. this beautiful bright (and my fav highlight) color went up right underneath my brows. Fun Fact: you can use this for highlight on the rest of your face too! Hello versatility! Deep Plum: Also a limited edition shade that I adore, this was my lovely PURPLE accent color, placed on the outer V of my lid. Glacier Glitter: Yet another beautiful limited edition, I put just a tad to add a little sparkle to the very inner corner of my eyes. Onyx: My absolute favorite eyeliner. You can use a super thin angled brush to get a wing sharp enough to kill, and it makes my heart so happy! You can use the same technique with other ShadowSense shades as well. Remember that thing about versatility? You can even use this stuff as blush and contour!

LipSense: The amazing bullet proof lip color that introduced me to the wonderful world of SeneGence! I did 1 layer of Violet Volt, If you aren’t aware of how obsessed I am with this fabulous color, you should probably read the other post I did about JUST this color. I topped my glorious VV with 2 layers of Rosè All Day. This was limited edition, and I just love this color. It’s a bit light on me alone, but I use it to add a gold frost layer to all sorts of colors and it’s simply gorgeous. Then of course I topped my color with Glossy Gloss!

On the rest of my face: MakeSense Original Foundation in Almond. This foundation is a good amount of coverage, super lightweight, and water resistant! I used Pealizer as highlight on the top of my cheekbones, under and around the sides of my eyes, on the bridge and tip of my nose, and just above my cupid’s bow. My blush is BlushSense in Toasted Rose. BlushSense comes as a liquid in a tube, and I just love how little I need to use and how easily it blends! I Used a mix of Onyx and Garnet ShadowSense to do my brows. Seriously, you can use ShadowSense for almost anything!!

So what did you think? drop your thoughts in the comments, and let me know what other looks you’d like to see with these phenomenal products. Interested in SeneGence products? Contact me for more info and to order!

Brand New Mascara!!!

SeneGence recently reformulated their mascara and it’s everything.
Since its release in October, LashSense VolumeIntense Mascara has become a fast favorite. They expected it to be popular, and it still sold out amazingly fast. Its volumizing, lengthening, and defining abilities deliver magnificent lashes with nourishing ingredients to keep them healthy.


Holy COW ladies, this mascara is unlike anything I’ve ever used. Even the waterproof formula leaves your lashes feeling SOFT and flexible, instead of, ya know, encased in concrete… The HUGE wand captures each individual lash, and gives it a nice even coat, and a day at the spa…(kidding) but seriously, the results are STUNNING. and THEN as if all that wasn’t enough, regular use of this stuff will GROW your lashes an average of 46% LONGER, in one month. Wha…? If mascara is your go to essential beauty product, you NEED this!!

Do you love waterproof mascara? Hate it? I’ve got you covered either way! This phenomenal mascara comes in waterproof and regular, and in black as well as dark brown.

For the smoothest and best results use these tips!

 Remove the wand from the tube slowly. Removing with a quick pull prevents excess product from being wiped away.
 Do not pump the mascara wand. It pumps air into the tube, and can cause your mascara to dry out quickly.
 Wipe off excess product back into the neck of the tube. This will help you apply thinner layers, and get a clump-free application!
Following these steps will ensure that your lashes will be
lengthened and volumized to perfection!

If you need a new favorite mascara in your life, look no further! I adore this product and I know you will too! just incase you don’t, in comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, like all SeneGence products.

You can of course contact me with questions and to place an order, or you can always order directly from my website